For Posterity

Since starting this venture, I have finished culinary school, resigned my formal position as tenzo and gotten out of the restaurant business. I also made a ridiculous jump to car sales nearly six months ago so most of my old profile information no longer applies. I'm putting it here for reference of any posts prior to May of 2012:

 Profile: I'm not a teacher, but just barely a beginner. I'm a culinary student who happens to practice Zen. I also practice Aikido and embrace the themes that can be found in life, cooking, Zen, and Aikido. The main inspirations for my blog are Dogen's Tenzo Kyokun (Instructions to the Head Cook), my practice, and other various ways the Dharma manifests in my life. I also now happen to find myself serving as tenzo at Houston Zen Center benefiting all beings by filling their bellies.

For now I'm re-purposing this blog as a way to document my temporary life as a temporary resident of the Houston Zen Center.

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