Saturday, October 9, 2010

What's So Funny?

As I've been moving things around, both in my apartment and in my head, I of course stumbled across a few things.  In the apartment: my little laughing Buddha statues.  In my head: more thoughts about what's going on with my practice.  The combination has left me with this:

I think Hotei laughs because enlightenment is an inside joke.

I don't get it.  Previously, I didn't care.  If I was going to, so be it, but I was okay not getting it.

That seems to have changed.  While I'm still fine not getting it for now, I'm determined to someday.

On top of that the dharma talk today was all about the Virya ParamitaParamita is Sanskrit for "crossing over" and refers to the group of practices that assist us in reaching enlightenment.  The Virya Paramita has to do with enthusiastic perseverance.  It hit home with a lot of people for a lot of different reasons, mine for the reasons listed in my last post.

It's just so weird how that works out.

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